The Rosto Tetralogy

Writer, graphic artist, musician, animator..... long-time inspirational friend of AIAF & MIAF. Driven and with an audaciously broad panoramic artistic vision, Rosto remains one of the most powerful, gifted and interesting multi-discipline artists of our age. In fact, Rosto's life and his art are inextricably comingled. He lived inside the creative zone in which he imagined his films and, in turn, his films drove the way he lived and how he imagined the zone he lived within. It's a giant tumbling ball, simultaneously part controlled and part random supplier of inspirational kilowatts. Similarly, the music that he created with his band Thee Wreckers feeds into and draws from his animation. His latest film, "Reruns" completes a four film 'tetralogy' and his Paris based production house, Autour de Minuit, has completed a documentary outlining this stunning achievement as well as laying down some of the history and inspiration behind this creative turbine. AIAF Co-Director, Malcolm Turner, visited Rosto last year in his home city of Amsterdam and locked in a special screening of this collection of unique work. He will do his best to introduce the program before turning the audience over to the tender mercies of an artist who promises almost everything except compromise.
Featured in AIAF2019
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (15+)
Everything's Different, Nothing Has Changed Everything's Different, Nothing Has Changed
A behind-the-scenes documentary charting the creative rise and development of Rosto AD and Thee Wreckers through their art, music and films.
Country: France
Runtime: 20:00
Year: 2017
No Place Like Home No Place Like Home

A pulsing and moody film about keeping the dream alive.

Country: Netherlands , France
Runtime: 6:10
Year: 2008
Lonely Bones Lonely Bones
Rosto, Rosto

The best way to close out this exploration of the extreme. The latest dark masterpiece from the crown price of extreme, Rosto.

Country: Netherlands , France
Runtime: 10:00
Year: 2013
Splintertime Splintertime
Rosto, Rosto

The latest monstrous masterpiece from the Baron of Bizarro, the maestro of mayhem - Rosto. Thee Wreckers, at their ghoulish best, smoke snake and wind up in a nightmarish ambulance ride to freedom or oblivion.

Country: Netherlands , France
Runtime: 10:56
Year: 2015
Reruns Reruns

A visceral trip through a sunken maze of memories, dreams and constructed visions.

Country: Netherlands , France
Runtime: 14:15
Year: 2018