Computer Animation Panorama

A selection of the best international student work in digital animation.
Featured in AIAF2002
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (18+)
The Game
Lucas Licata
No TAC ad will ever seem the same again. Video game characters can get hurt too.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 1:50
Year: 2001
Nothing Special
Jean-Fabien Barrios, Benoit Janke, Olivier Petit
An awe-inspiring romp through the twentieth century world of art from Duchamp to Mondrian to minimalism. Spot the artwork!
Country: France
Runtime: 4:45
Year: 2001
Emmanuel Allasia, David Chaix, Yoann Lepesme
A soldier drops from the sky and is relentlessly chased and shot at. Incredible effects, movements and angles.
Country: France
Runtime: 5:30
Year: 2001
The Levis Hvc
Nicholas Markel
This ultramodern vehicle is more trouble than it's worth.
Country: Canada
Runtime: 2:40
Year: 2000
Ludovic Ramiere, Thomas Renault, Justine Bonnard, Anthony Malagutti
A hyper-coloured rollercoaster of an adventure through swooping skylines as a little girl tries to escape from an island.
Country: France
Runtime: 7:15
Year: 2001
Bio Tv
Xavier Perol
Three short intense macro depictions of passion, emotion and reflection.
Country: France
Runtime: 3:20
Year: 2001
Where Is Frank?
Angela Jedek
You can be the coolest cowboy in the West but the flies can still drive you crazy. Spaghetti Westerns have never looked this good.
Country: Germany
Runtime: 5:15
Year: 2001
Sky Bridge
HaeJu Chung
A lonely girl dreams of romance. But be careful what you wish for!
Country: United States
Runtime: 1:20
Year: 2001
Dan Hartney
A rusty old robot with a bucket for a head proves to be a stunning mover on the dancefloor.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 9:30
Year: 2001
Peter McDonald
A man seeks his other half, the woman across the hallway. Horror and sexual politics for adults. A truly creepy masterpiece.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 11:00
Year: 2000
James Ellis
A trip into the electronic stratosphere. A gem of a film that subtly shifts and plays around with your perception patterns, moods and atmospheres.
Country: United States
Runtime: 2:15
Year: 2000
Le Processus
Xavier de l'Hermuziere, Philippe Grammaticopoulos
Breathtaking, unique styling. The discriminated individual at odds with the ever marching horde.
Country: France
Runtime: 7:50
Year: 2000
Irina Goundortseva
A machined environment of intricate detail is the hallmark of this internationally acclaimed film.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 5:45
Year: 2000
AP 2000
Loic Bail, Aurelien Delpoux, Sebastien Ebzant, Benjamin Lauwick
Hilarious never-say-die transformer bug warfare. This simply sets a new standard for the style.
Country: France
Runtime: 8:15
Year: 2000