Kid's Program

A very special program of films selected to spark the imaginations of our littlest, most special audience. Heaps better than Saturday morning TV and not a toy ad in sight.
Featured in AIAF2009
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: General (all ages)
The 7 Days Of The Week
Sean McBride, David Cowles
Work is a really great thing - especially if you can avoid it! And extraspecially if what you really want to do it play the trumpet every day.
Country: United States
Runtime: 2:00
Year: 2008
Lara Gardarsdottir, Karen Rohde Johansson, Michael Hall Mauritzen
Bertram is a little boy, who, while struggling with his homework, dreams himself into the future where he experiences how it is to be a pilot, a zoo keeper and other amazing things.
Country: Denmark
Runtime: 2:55
Year: 2008
The Crumblegiant
John McCloskey
Some pure Irish magic to open the program. The gentle Crumblegiant has always helped Emily shoosh away the crows but one day he is nowhere to be found.
Country: Ireland
Runtime: 4:53
Year: 2008
Miriam's Colours
Jelena Girlin, Mari-Liis Bassovskaja
What do you do when your whole world suddenly turns black and white? You send out your chicken with a bucket to scrape the colours off the rainbow, that's what.
Country: Estonia
Runtime: 5:29
Year: 2008
SUSIE ASADO: Hello Antenna
Veronika Samartseva, Anna Samoylovich
A little girl finds herself a special spot perched on an antenna, looking down over the roof tops and sharing the sky with birds and the odd stray paper aeroplane.
Country: France
Runtime: 4:36
Year: 2008
Tatiana Kurnaeva
The story is about a small adventure that helps the boy which studies to play Cello to become fond of music.
Country: Russia
Runtime: 6:25
Year: 2008
Roberto The Insect Architect
Nina Laden
What's a bug to do? The big city calls to the budding architect, Roberto the termite. His blueprint for success-friendship, hard work, and imagination.
Country: United States
Runtime: 11:36
Year: 2008
Carrot On The Beach
Partel Tall
Snowman's dream has been fullfilled: he is non-meltable and can finally see the summer! But his joy will be cut short since there is more chasers for his nose than always hungry Rabbit and there is nowhere safe and covering snow...
Country: Estonia
Runtime: 6:14
Year: 2008
Lost And Found
Shin Deborah Youngjae
A wondrous, epic journey that proves there's pretty much nothing a boy and a penguin can't do when they really, really put their mind to it.
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 24:01
Year: 2008