Late Night Bizarre (2009)

Crazed, weird, extreme or just impossible-to-explain plots - a boggling compendium of the wildest animated ideas horse whipped up to warp speed and transponded back from parallel universes.

Featured in AIAF2009
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
I Live In The Woods
Max Winston

It has to be every crazed hillbilly's dream to kill all the cuddly animals with his bare hands. But what about God? Is nothing sacred? If you like your Gods intact and all powerful, this is probably not the film for you.

United States
Runtime: 3:26
Year: 2008
Cuddle Sticks
Mike Geiger

Crossing a line that even Kricfalusi might have drawn. A demented look at the origins of kiddie ice treats.

Runtime: 2:35
Year: 2008
Peter Parlesreco

A stranger arrives in a surreal world where nothing is as it seems. Not even close.

United States
Runtime: 8:00
Year: 2008
Antonio Amaral

Surrealism meets up with Crumb for a coffee and takes a long walk through Crazytowne.

Runtime: 8:08
Year: 2008
Morph Mush Mash
Alex Cormack

A crazed, wonderful head-warping extravaganza.

United States
Runtime: 2:23
Year: 2008
Yolyanko William

A text book example of how to eat yourself set to the music of Aphrodite's Child.

Runtime: 1:03
Year: 2008
Fantasie In Bubblewrap
Arthur Metcalf

Even bubblewrap has feelings. Lots of feelings. Especially when you start popping them one at a time. They begin to wonder out loud which bubble will be next.

United States
Runtime: 4:20
Year: 2007
Morris And The Other
Edwin Rostron

A most peculiar collection of arms, legs, heads, kites, tanks, trucks and trolleys.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:56
Year: 2008
Steve Stark

What do you get when you stuff a chicken into a duck into a turkey? "Three birds, One Hell Of A Detective", that's what.

United States
Runtime: 3:22
Year: 2008
Clean The Restroom
Hung-Hsin Shih

It's not a career that suits everyone, but a little rhythm makes cleaning restrooms a lot more fun than it could be.

Runtime: 2:19
Year: 2008
Happy Birthday To Me
Hui-Shan Lee

A heart-felt birthday greeting from the furthest reaches of a wonderous psychedelic soul.

Runtime: 4:13
Year: 2008
Naoki Yamaji

OK - where to begin! A chronicle showcasing the explosively painful mishaps of a slightly mutated variant of the male of the species who has problems keeping his tenderest appendage under cover.

Runtime: 4:29
Year: 2008
Another Way To Fly
Eva Andujar

After a midnight insect attack, a man goes through a brain-rattling, full technicolour transformation.

Runtime: 3:34
Year: 2008
Aaron Augenblick

Welcome to Superjail, an ultra-violent prison complex run by a mad Willy Wonka-esque warden channelling some kind of warped combo of Fred Astaire on speed and a wild-eyed Year 4 school teacher.

United States
Runtime: 11:38
Year: 2008