Darcy Prendergast


Young: The Paper Kites Young: The Paper Kites
Oh Yeah Wow does it again. The logistics alone make this amazing music video worth watching.
Australia , 3:46, 2013

Featured in AIAF2014 > Australian Showcase
Easy Way Out Easy Way Out
A visually spellbinding music video teaming Australia's sensational Oh Yeah Wow crew with singing sensation Goyte.
Australia , 2:12, 2012

Featured in AIAF2013 > Australian Showcase
Rippled Rippled
An exciting, utterly absorbing ballet of light and movement emerging from the swamp, running a hundred late night, back alley gauntlets and back to the swamp again.
Australia , 3:57, 2011

Featured in AIAF2012 > Australian Showcase
A tale of two blobs destined for each other. It was meant to be.
Australia , 2:19, 2010

Featured in AIAF2011 > Australian Showcase
Burning cars, pet worms and cowbells - it's the news!
Australia , 5:14, 2009

Featured in AIAF2010 > Australian Panorama