Einar Baldvin


Hyena Hyena
Clown, clown, gorilla, maniac, zombie duck, ha ha ha, satanic meltdown - repeat!
United States , 2:37, 2015

Featured in AIAF2016 > International Program #3
The Pride Of Strathmoor The Pride Of Strathmoor
WARNING: Contains strobing effects. Paralysing and inexplicable terror stalks our world cloaked in many guises, its departing legacy often more destructive than its time among us.
United States , 8:30, 2014

Featured in AIAF2015 > International Program #2
Baboon Baboon
An utterly demented, insanely constructed high-speed romp through a frenzied blizzard of constantly morphing images that have been dragged kicking and screaming from the animal depths.
United States , 5:02, 2012

Featured in AIAF2013 > Animation Xcess