Leah Shore


Horses-Happy Holidays Horses-Happy Holidays
Good times! There's more than one way to skin a......
United States , 0:36, 2016

Featured in AIAF2018 > Late Night Bizarre
Cookies Cookies
These cookies are soooooooooo good!!! But what goes up must come down, what goes in must come out.
United States , 0:38, 2015

Featured in AIAF2017 > Late Night Bizarre
Old Man Old Man
Animated to snippets of phone conversations with helter skelter serial killer Charles Manson, this reaffirms his 'down-to-the-bone' madness.
United States , 5:47, 2012

Featured in AIAF2013 > International Program #3
Saladface is upset that Bebe The Hampster is dead. The guy trying to electrocute his fish looks pretty upset too!
United States , 8:46, 2009

Featured in AIAF2010 > Late Night Bizarre