Kids Program

Specifically programmed towards 4-10-year old's whilst still entertaining more mature patrons, this screening gives children the world's best animation for a just $5! Pricing includes adults.
Featured in AIAF2008
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: General (all ages)
Stefan Eling, Stefan
A mega-good time ride on the ultimate armchair
Country: Germany
Runtime: 5:05
Year: 2007
Claude Luyet, Georges Schwizgebel, Dominique Delachaux-Lambert, Claude Barras, Romeo Andreani, Alexandre Lachavanne
A whole bunch of really cool ways to animate a cat and mouse chase.
Country: Switzerland
Runtime: 5:36
Year: 2007
The Goat Who Ate Time
Lucinda Schreiber
A gourmet goat with an appetite for more more more stumbles upon the ultimate morsel.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 7:17
Year: 2007
Tot Ou Tard
Judwiga Kowalski
A squirrel and a bat can't agree on day and night.
Country: Switzerland
Runtime: 5:00
Year: 2006
The Tiny Fish
Gregory Malishev
A little girl and her cat brave the winter to go ice fishing.
Country: Russia
Runtime: 9:34
Year: 2006
Capt. Cumulus
Melissa Choong, James Hing
A little boy takes his very special flying machine for a spin.
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 2:58
Year: 2007
The Librarian From The Black Lagoon
Galen Fott
The library is not a scary place no matter what the signs say.
Country: United States
Runtime: 9:35
Year: 2007
Hommage To The Grip
Tom Hanni
A small technical hitch in the most brightly coloured jungle you ever saw.
Country: Switzerland
Runtime: 4:35
Year: 2006
Dharma Dreameater
Edda Kristindottir, Rasmus Moller
Dharmer Dreameater has a really great idea of what to do with all the scarey dreams that kids have.
Country: Denmark
Runtime: 4:58
Year: 2006
The Witches Button
Nils Skapans
A good witch with a magic button
Country: Latvia
Runtime: 7:01
Year: 2007
Pik And Nik
Martin Snopek
A film made with millions of little rocks and a ton of sand.
Country: Slovakia
Runtime: 4:48
Year: 2007