Digital Panorama

This program brings together the best recently released films that lean heavily on a digital aesthetic for their inspiration and impact. These films can be fully narrative, abstract or drawn from the culture of the gaming community.
Featured in AIAF2009
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Elliott Kajdan, Julien Lasbleiz, Nicolas Maurice, Remi Devouassoud
An intensely digitised distopia swirls into life from a slowly clearing electronica fog. As the city crumbles, the animals threaten a takeover.

Runtime: 4:46
Year: 2008
A Dada
Bruno Pontiroli, Helene Astier, Jiajun Chen, Mathilde Le Moal
A bizarre collection of images referencing pregnancy and the dada art movement.

Runtime: 5:58
Year: 2008
The Real Place
Cam Christiansen
A poetic layering of stories revolving around the life and inspirations of playwright John Murrell.

Runtime: 5:27
Year: 2008
Hardcover & Paperback
Moshe Servatka, Uri Alonim
In an origami world, the relationship of two paper lovers takes a fold for the worse.

Runtime: 2:54
Year: 2008
Arcade Trap
Adam Walker
An enthusiastic gamer gets sucked into an arcade game and winds up in a pitched battle with the ever-multiplying army within.

Runtime: 2:14
Year: 2008
Daihei Shibabata
An unsettling combination of live action and special effects emulate video glitches.

Runtime: 2:32
Year: 2008
Facteur Mineur
Arnaud Joli, Francois Ruiz, Geoffrey Skrajewski, Marc Czerwiec
An intricately detailed inner machine scene mirrors the turmoil caused by the unwelcome news of a mine's closure and the loss of all jobs.

Runtime: 6:03
Year: 2008
No Place Like Home No Place Like Home

A pulsing and moody film about keeping the dream alive.

Runtime: 6:10
Year: 2008
Disbelief Will Save Your Soul
Samuel Weikopf
A searing comment on the evils of mass media imagery overload: Television is the spawn of the Devil.

Runtime: 11:05
Year: 2008
Our Wonderful Nature
Tomer Eshed
The Matrix goes feral when these two little creatures face off against each other on the savannah.

Runtime: 4:47
Year: 2008
Monsieur Cok
Franck Dion, Richard Van Den Boom
An ex-employee visits his egg-headed ex-boss at a robot-run bomb factory.

Runtime: 9:40
Year: 2008
Ten / Dix
Fabrice Le Nezet, Francois Roisin, Jules Janaud
In searching out some inner truths, Marc must navigate some real life, razor sharp killer paving stones that stretch out before him.

Runtime: 7:07
Year: 2008