International Program #1

The backbone of the annual AIAF mission! With almost 100 films from more than two dozen countries, these three programs are your big picture view of the international animation scene.
Featured in AIAF2009
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
On Time Off
Bill Porter
The slow broil of sunbathers blistering & warping in the heat on a nice day out to the beach.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 4:16
Year: 2008
Sparrows Are Children Of Pigeons
Nina Bisyarina
Quintessentially classic Russian-style animation. A little boy's imagination embellishes the world around him.

Runtime: 5:15
Year: 2008
The Conservatory
Matilda Tristram
A series of quick-fix solutions to problems of an emotional nature seen through the prism of immediate home renovation.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 2:14
Year: 2008
The Black Dog's Progress
Stephen Irwin
Flipbook animation multiplied by ten and ten again. A screen filled to overflowing.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:15
Year: 2008
The Brothers McLeod
Somewhere in the world is a button that makes everything alright.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:39
Year: 2008
Ryu Kato
A frantic journey through worlds within worlds of scribbled lines and block colours.

Runtime: 3:17
Year: 2008
La Chambre Renversee
Julien Ribot, Philippe Massonnet
A flight of fancy through a pastel landscape where dreams influence other dreams and other dreams and other dreams.

Runtime: 3:43
Year: 2008
The Bedwetter
Ingo Schiller, Stephan Muller
Every year we have at least frenetic one stopmotion fiesta - and this is most definitely it! A pixelated dream in which the real and the fantastical come together.

Runtime: 4:52
Year: 2008
Marcel Hobi
Our wishful thinking narrator is fast exhausting his eyelash supply.

Runtime: 7:55
Year: 2008
Danny's Magical Potion
Gaute Hesthagen
The global ripple-on effect of a simple, heartfelt utterance. A bottom-up solution to end wars and defeat evil.

Runtime: 1:16
Year: 2008
Black Tea
Serge Elissade
An investigation into tea; silent killer of the paranoid.

Runtime: 2:08
Year: 2008
Chris / Chrigi
Anja Kofmel
The twists and turns of the animation reflect the inner confusion of a little girl trying to come to terms with the death of an admired cousin.

Runtime: 7:08
Year: 2008
Luc Perez
A richly textured exploration of Inuit culture depicted with thick, flowing paint and imagery passed down through the ages.

Runtime: 11:11
Year: 2008
Patrick Jenkins
Classic, bone-dry, film noir styling compliments this detective story with a celestial twist.

Runtime: 8:35
Year: 2008