Kids Program

A very special program of films selected to spark the imaginations of our most special audience. Animation, like childhood, can be just full of wonder with the biggest pleasures being the simplest ones. This program carefully chosen for our littlest and most special audience strips away all the soft-sell toy ads and the over-the-top blockbuster-style special effects and just delivers up a program of wonderful films full of simple joys.

Featured in AIAF2012
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: General (G)
Orange O Despair
John Banana
The dancingist little orange in the shop.

Runtime: 3:33
Year: 2011
Alexandre Dubosc
A cool, cute little animated film made out of smarties, chocolates and yummy cake.

Runtime: 2:47
Year: 2011
Grand Prix
Anna Solanas, Marc Riba
Every good trike race is started by a band of penguins. And who said girls couldn't join in - that's not fair!!

Runtime: 7:14
Year: 2011
Fluffy McCloud
Conor Finnegan
An independent little cloud finally finds a use for all the rain he's been carrying around.

Runtime: 2:52
Year: 2010
Gary Fouchy, Sebastien de Oliveira Bispo, Yohann Auroux Bernard
Something pretty weird is going on down on the farm. Cows aren't meant to fly!! Neither are tractors. Or dogs.

Runtime: 5:40
Year: 2011
Acorn Boy
Dace Riduze
Acorn Boy needs a bit of patching up so he can join his friends in the miniature village.

Runtime: 9:50
Year: 2010
Love Earth
Chien-Chun Tseng, Yu-Hsuan Tseng
Any kids can animate - and they can use stuff they find laying around. Too easy - sort of!

Runtime: 2:40
Year: 2012
Many Go Round
Yoshihisa Nakanishi
Some amazing magic made out of just lots and lots and lots and lots of paper cut-outs.

Runtime: 5:58
Year: 2011
Nice 'N' Nasty Neighbours
Titus Fehr
What do you think would happen if a lizard wound up popping out of its egg as the same time as a couple of chicks?

Runtime: 4:33
Year: 2011
Stepan Birukov
A very special little circus with some very special little stars.

Runtime: 5:45
Year: 2010
Paper Touch
Hui-Ching Tseng
Hey - 1010 ideas for what to do with coloured paper.

Runtime: 4:15
Year: 2011
Frits Standaert
Sounds like something pretty darn big is coming through the jungle and heading right this way.

Runtime: 7:37
Year: 2011
Sarah Rotella
This scaredy cat thinks it might be a vampire.

Runtime: 3:07
Year: 2011
Szofita Land
A wonderfully crazy, wickedly special land to escape to.

Runtime: 5:43
Year: 2011