Late Night Bizarre (2012)

AIAF's annual, ever popular, irresistible, train-wreck of a program - you wanta turn away but you can't. Bad-ass bears, dudes with a variety of willy problems, meat in all the wrong places, drunk puppets, slimy politicians and a what's what or weird sex - it's all here kiddies!! Come 'n' get it.

Featured in AIAF2012
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Squash And Stretch
Frank Armiento

There ain't a guy in the room who hasn't had this moment at some point in his life.

Runtime: 1:02
Year: 2011
Steve Stark

Bear-Horse is bad-ass. He solves problems his way. He's Bear-Horse. That's right!

United States
Runtime: 3:45
Year: 2010
Peter Budinsky

Siamese twins fight it out in the boxing ring but the competition really heats up when it's time for bed.

Runtime: 5:22
Year: 2011
Vacuum Attraction
Morgan Miller

Home alone, kickin' back in his underwear in front of bad TV the vaccum cleaner probably looked like a good idea.

United States
Runtime: 4:00
Year: 2010
Goat Away
Steve Stark

Problems with goats? You need......

United States
Runtime: 1:12
Year: 2010
There's a Dead Crow Outside
Morgan Miller

Sometimes the film title is all you really need - especially if you're a raccoon.

United States
Runtime: 0:59
Year: 2011
SPONCHOI Pispochoi
Ikne Sugidono, Miyako Mishio

Warts! Moles. Oh - let's start exchanging.

Runtime: 6:06
Year: 2010
The Confession Of Father John Thomas
Elka Kerkhofs

A father with a load on his mind.

Runtime: 4:57
Year: 2011
Frosted Chocolate Cake
Donato Sansone

Co-joined twins, a flock of birds, a flotilla of fish and a spooky rabbit.

Runtime: 2:33
Year: 2011
Mulvar Is Correct Candidate
Patrick Desilets

Mulvar make precious fuel come from eyes!

Runtime: 1:01
Year: 2011
Dukes Of Broxstonia - Planet Of Babies
Suren Perera

Yep - the Dukes is back. And they're on the wrong planet.

Runtime: 2:59
Year: 2011
Dr Breakfast
Stephen Neary

An eye-popping, pseudo "Weekend At Bernies"-style romp featuring a couple of wise deer, a special doctor and a dude that needs a lotta help.

United States
Runtime: 7:05
Year: 2011
Compartments Or "I Am Not A Monster"
Hannah Letaif

Every apartment block has lots of rooms. And every room has a person or two. And every person has a lot of orifices and appendages.

Runtime: 3:40
Year: 2011
Phobias Of Guard Rail
Marco Capellacci

Taking tie sucking and Mini-Me eye pouring to a strange new level.

Runtime: 5:08
Year: 2012
Sylvain Cappelletto

WARNING: GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT MAY OFFEND. A scabrously encylopedic collection of bizarre, confounding sexual practices.

Runtime: 4:10
Year: 2010
Bobby Yeah
Robert Morgan

One day Bobby Yeah steals the favourite pet of some very dangerous individuals, and finds himself in deep trouble. A fiesta of orifice excesses and parasitic crawlies.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 22:55
Year: 2011