Late Night Bizarre

It's back. We dug deep to find the best and this is what you find when you go down that far. Our annual haul of the most pungent pieces that have been slid under our door in the last twelve months. So, sit down, put your hands where we can see them and take in the full-bodied aroma of Late Night Bizarre 2019.
Featured in AIAF2019
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Egg Touching
Peter Millard
Go on.... touch it. I dare you!

United Kingdom
Runtime: 1:34
Year: 2018
Where's The Butter, Betty
Will Anderson
The bloody butter is round here somewhere, Betty, it has to be.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 2:52
Year: 2018
Dirk Verschure
Happiness is just a state of mind although misery goes all the way to the bone.

Runtime: 1:05
Year: 2017
Lorenz Wunderle
Beware the angry, drunk, loner coyote with a bloodlust and an appetite for mutilation.

Runtime: 9:55
Year: 2018
David Barlow-Krelina
A glossy and gratuitously scabrous take down of the cosmetic surgery industry.

Runtime: 5:02
Year: 2018
Follow The White Rabbit
Meat Dept
Turds, tasers, traps and trapdoors - nothing stops this little white rabbit.

Runtime: 1:37
Year: 2018
Whom Cares?
Justin Gradin
Good question.

Runtime: 2:37
Year: 2018
Anita Becker, Fabian Marcel Salgado Rivadeneira, Felicia Bergstrom
A carnivore's midnight picnic turns juicy when some guests appear.

Runtime: 3:11
Year: 2018
The Sleep Away
Christian White
Ad #1. Ever needed a quick way to get the sleep out of your eyes?

Runtime: 2:32
Year: 2018
Jodie Haslam
Ad #2. Need to contact a local frog? Try Frogline today.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 0:37
Year: 2018
Mattress Dave
Doug Bayne
Got a mattress? Want a mattress? Just call Dave. Don't wait for him to sober up, call NOW!

Runtime: 2:20
Year: 2018
Ryoji Yamada
A sinister and subterranean nightmare bursting forth half formed from a fevered, not entirely lucid imagination.

Runtime: 8:35
Year: 2017
Ben Mitchell
Bad Dad and Hot Doctor point out the consequences of a prank gone wrong.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 5:11
Year: 2018
TDEOMMVDH: The Deplorable Existence Of Monster Mt Vs Dreamo Hernadez
Bradley Oliver Wilkinson
Dr Heinous Von Anus leads us on a journey of colourful fecalodelic discovery.

United States
Runtime: 9:46
Year: 2018
Ottomar Sukko
Yeah, well, when you pull the chain it has to go somewhere and someone has to clean it up man.

Runtime: 4:10
Year: 2017
Sasha Svirsky
Kamasutra meets abstract animation. 'Nuff said.

Runtime: 1:59
Year: 2017
Chiara Sgatti, Mario Radev
A truly bizarre world of otherworldly beasts and creatures.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 6:34
Year: 2017