It's time to touch base with that massive global 'hitching post' of the digerati.... SIGGRAPH. For over 40 years, this event has been shining the brightest light down the digital animating path, encouraging devotees of the form to constantly push boundaries and experiment with new tools, toys and ideas.
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Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta
Dulled by her daily routine, Alex is led by Bacchus into a mysterious place.

Runtime: 5:06
Year: 2018
L'Oiseau Qui Danse
Jean-Marie Marbach
Animated with particles on music by Canadian band Tennyson, this film follows the journey of an origami bird into a field of light.

Runtime: 2:13
Year: 2018
Wild Love
Corentin Yvergniaux, Lea Georges, Maryka Laudet, Paul Autric, Quentin Camus, Zoe Sottiaux
An army of enraged rodents rise up to avenge the accidental death of one of their own.

Runtime: 6:53
Year: 2018
Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez
Deep in the harsh countryside, where life fades with every breath, a boy tormented with grief battles an inescapable beast.

Runtime: 7:46
Year: 2018
How To Paint Your Rainbow
Erick Oh
In the process of passing away, a man goes experiences a variety of surreal transformations that see him emerge as a rainbow.

United States
Runtime: 1:47
Year: 2018
An Island
Rory Byrne
An immersive film portraying the physical and emotional journey of a lone explorer as he attempts to reach the summit of a remote island.

Runtime: 12:40
Year: 2017
Diego Hauenstein, Till Sander-Titgemeyer
Two fishermen pull a strange box out of the swamp unleashing forces they barely comprehend.

Runtime: 6:32
Year: 2018
Cecile Floucat, Juliette Gales, Kevin De Garidel, Pauline Javelot, Sarah Forest, Thibaut Wambre
Jonas' world view forever changes when he happens upon a huge dead whale on a beach near his Nordic fishing village.

Runtime: 6:33
Year: 2018
Grand Bassin
Adele Raigneau, Chloe Plat, Heloise Courtois, Victori Jalabert
An afternoon at the swimming pool. What could be simpler?

Runtime: 6:37
Year: 2018
One Small Step
Andrew Chesworth, Bobby Pontillas
Luna is a vibrant young Chinese American girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut. But it is a dream that faces many hurdles.

United States
Runtime: 7:40
Year: 2018
The Stained Club
Alice Jaunet, Beatrice Viguier, Chan Stephie Peang, Marie Ciesielski, Melanie Lopez, Simon Boucly
Finn is conscious of the stains he has on his body until he meets a group of cool kids, all wearing their own stains.

Runtime: 6:33
Year: 2018