Alice Markham


One soul's loss is another's freedom. And giving always makes the giver richer in the end.

Runtime: 3:50
Year: 2016

Featured in AIAF2017 > Australian Showcase
A Bird's Song
Music comes from the heart, from nature and freedom. Trying to cage the source is a folly only the evil would contemplate.

Runtime: 1:32
Year: 2012

Featured in AIAF2013 > Australian Showcase


Animation 103: Stop-Mo & CG: Different Techniques, Same Goals
Alice Markham, director of the stop-motion story "LOSS", and Matt Barron, director of 3D film "The Cloud Factory", share valuable insights into making heartfelt character-driven animations through very diverse mediums. Discussing the similarities and differences in their filmmaking processes, they share universal truths that applied to their independent productions and offer expert tips for other filmmakers using highly-specialised techniques.

Featured in AIAF2017

Seminar | Mature (M)