Annie Murray


Wank Sock Wank Sock
There's a time to squeeze and there's a time to just wait and see what will pop out.
Australia , 4:40, 2017

Featured in AIAF2018 > Late Night Bizarre
Dear David Dear David
She is David Attenborough's biggest fan but everybody has their breaking point.
Australia , 8:42, 2016

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Animation 103: Fresh Eyes on Estonia
Last November VCA graduate Annie Murray ventured to Tallinn and became a convert to Estonian animation. She toured Nukufilm Studio, interviewed Priit and Olga Parn, hung out with the likes of Chintis Lungren, Priit Tender, Mati Kutt and Rihi Unt. Bonding with the new generation of post-independence Estonian animators, her mission was to curate a program of exemplary new works and now that she has returned with a stash of great films and a bundle of wild stories... it's time for revelations!

Featured in AIAF2018

Seminar | Mature (15+)