Pierce Davison


Edison - Adventures In Power
Everybody knows Edison was a genius but it turns out he had a playfully darker side to him and he didn't mind unleashing it.

Runtime: 5:30
Year: 2014

Featured in AIAF2016 > Australian Showcase
Cedric And Hope
The year is 1097 and the first bloody crusade is well and truly underway. One of the benefits to emerge was....soap!

Runtime: 13:50
Year: 2012

Featured in AIAF2013 > Australian Showcase
Cynthia's plan to audition the new play she has written comes apart when her teacher forces her to read with Jeremy.

Runtime: 3:09
Year: 2010

Featured in AIAF2010 > Australian Panorama
Professor Pebbles
They say your 500th birthday is always the hardest. Professor Pebbles had hoped for a much more important role to play in hell than teaching basic evil to bored school kids. Is it his fault that he's a nice guy?

Runtime: 12:40
Year: 2007

Featured in AIAF2008 > Australian Panorama
Medusa - First Date
The pitfalls of dating Medusa.

Runtime: 3:00
Year: 2004

Featured in AIAF2005 > Australian Panorama


Animation 103: Voice Wrangling
Creator of "Dr Pebbles" (in the Australian Panorama) & currently working on Adam Elliot's feature film, Pierce Davison has been making animation since he was a teenager. His indie films have screened all over the world. Just one striking feature of "Dr Pebbles" is the menagerie of voice talent including such celebrity 'appearances' as Shaun Micallef and John Safran. Wrangling, directing and capturing just the right voices in just the right ways can be a make or break for the final result and Pierce will share his experiences bringing this aspect of directing an animated film together.

Featured in AIAF2008

Seminar | Mature (M)