Digital Panorama (2007)

This program brings together the best recently released films that lean heavily on a digital aesthetic for their inspiration and impact. These films can be fully narrative, abstract or drawn from the culture of the gaming community.

Featured in AIAF2007
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Tom Weber

Fog has devoured the forest, which saw your quietest happiness......a low down natural scene rendered in shiny metal.

Runtime: 6:44
Year: 2006
Christophe da Rocha, Guilhem Vu, Jane da Silva, Remi Roussel

A richly imagined, cubic rendition of the evolution of man.

Runtime: 2:05
Year: 2006
Hendrick Dusollier

A twisted, spectacular piece of grotesquery focusing on a face trapped in a dangerous prison of the mind.

Runtime: 5:40
Year: 2007
Krijt (laatste van het systeem)
Klaas Lagevern

A solitary figure - the chalked phantom of a crime scene - begins an inquisitive roam through the greying urban labyrinth.

Runtime: 6:34
Year: 2006
Marcin Pazera

A film of awe inspiring textures and intensely imagined detail presented as if through a cinema verite camera.

Runtime: 7:20
Year: 2006
Monster Samurai
Moto Sakakibara

A pretigious killing machine of a warrior is challenged to save as many lives as he has taken.

United States
Runtime: 6:39
Year: 2005
Urban Velkavrh

A salutory tale of good robots turning bad. NannyBot accidentally kills the child and comes up with a special repair job.

Runtime: 3:43
Year: 2006
Gavin Dean

A whispy character composed of alphabetic DNA is tracked through his desparate climb to the top.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 2:28
Year: 2006
Ray Ray
Armagan Ballantyne, Jon Baxter

An astonishing train ride through the light fantastic.

New Zealand
Runtime: 7:39
Year: 2007
Sigg Jones
Jonathan Vuillemin, Matthieu Bessudo, Douglass Lassance

A spectacular piece of animated choreography drawing from the design and pacing of gaming with more than a nod to The Matrix.

Runtime: 6:52
Year: 2006
The Crown
Tatyana Trifonova

There's only so many leaders, only so many followers, only so many plots - and only so many times a knife can go into the back.

Runtime: 2:16
Year: 2006
Tough Guy! 2005 Special Edit Version
Kishimoto Shintaro

Think insects on steroids and you're part way there. A supercharged, big picture crash-tackle into a tiny world.

Runtime: 6:59
Year: 2005
Une Charogne
Olivier Berry, Alexia Cui, Olivier Sipesaque

Almost too much detail for the eye to muster. A flowing, gliding journey through a forest of surreal beauty.

Runtime: 4:20
Year: 2006
Doll Face
Andy Huang

The haunting deconstruction of a digital/human/robotic face. A truly fascinating film which blurring every technical and creative line.

United States
Runtime: 4:15
Year: 2005