International Program #3 (2007)

Your big picture view of the international animation scene through an eclectic collection of recently released short animated works.

Featured in AIAF2007
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Story Ville
Marion Nove-Josserand, Patrick Kraft, Florian Mounie

A mournful, jazz rabbit carefully lays his trusty old trumpet to rest - provoking an unpredictable but rousing repsonse.

Runtime: 5:36
Year: 2005
Moments Of I Don't Know
Meghana Bisineer

Deceptively simple, elegant hand drawn animation following the ebbs and flows of a everyday conversation.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 5:13
Year: 2006
Songs From The Haven Of Despair
Jazzmen Lee-Johnson

An easy inclusion in the program. A film that draws from a rich gallery of stencil & street art imagery with a great sound track thrown in for good measure.

United States
Runtime: 6:35
Year: 2006
David Peros-Bonnot

A statue of a soldier runs amok amidst a cityscape of questions and plots.

Runtime: 4:22
Year: 2006
Sarah's Tale
Svetlana Filippova

A stylistic tour de force; hand drawn Russian animation at it finest. A simple talk of life in a snowy village.

Runtime: 0:00
Year: 2006
Janette Goodey

A short, elegantly animated work seamlessly entwined with an especially created - equally elegant - classical music work.

New Zealand
Runtime: 1:34
Year: 2006
Without An Of
Brian Bloss

Comic art style. An intense running shot of a desparate rush down a street.

United States
Runtime: 3:13
Bows And Arrows
Stephen Irwin

Animated comic strip meets B Grade city crusher movie' style. A very bad robot hits the streets. Our only hope is ...."The Fat Weevil".

United Kingdom
Runtime: 6:05
Year: 2006
Carnivore Reflux
The People's Republic of Animation

A delicious, juicy look into humankinds carnivorous ways.

Runtime: 7:08
Year: 2006
Mischa Rozera

Beware, the inbound nuclear PP01 is bound to some problems when it unleashes a pack of giant mutant digital dogs.

Runtime: 1:45
Endangered Species
Tony White

Can you imagine a world without hand drawn animation? It's not happening but this animator definitely feels on the endangered list.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 10:28
Year: 2006
Laurie Thinot

A visual tsunami of rich, x.treme, x.citing visual imagery - straight from the electric socket to the big screen.

Runtime: 3:20
Year: 2006
Yarn...Good Light Is Essential
Reka Gacs

A fascinating film showing that all an animator really needs is a single line and a really good idea.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:03
Year: 2006
Post It Prison
Ricky Martin

Thousands of little 'Post-It' Notes were harmed in the making of this film - and the little guy trying to escape took a few hits as well.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:18
Year: 2007
The Tale Of How
The Blackheart Gang

A film of such intense, magnificent visual splendour that words fail us. A veritable cauldron of imagery from an uber animated world beneath the sea.

South Africa
Runtime: 4:37
Year: 2006