Digital Panorama (2008)

This program brings together the best recently released films that lean heavily on a digital aesthetic for their inspiration and impact. These films can be fully narrative, abstract or drawn from the culture of the gaming community.

Featured in AIAF2008
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Samsa - Homage To Franz Kafka
Rene Lange

An absorbing, meticulously detailed deconstruction of the great man. Perfectly paced with whiffs of the surreal, unanswerable question.

Runtime: 4:06
Year: 2007
Sleep Or Not To Sleep
Rait Siska

The human farm stretches before us for as far as the eye can see. A giant room, a hive of activity, a mosh office of the future.

Runtime: 3:12
Year: 2006
Josie's Lalaland
Yibi Hu

Josie decides that life is for the living, even when there isn't much life left to be lived.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:42
Year: 2007
Derriere la porte
Helene Canac, Gilles Brinkhuizen, Clement Bourdeleau

A kind of crossroads where gaming style and cool magazine graphic design meld with elements of music video culture and cutting edge digital animating.

Runtime: 4:08
Year: 2007
Blind Man's Eye
Matthew Talbot-Kelly

Behind eyes that cannot look out there exists a mind in which the richest imaginable visuality soars, cascades and dances for its' master.

Runtime: 6:29
Year: 2007
Camera Obscura
Jean-Michel Drechsler, Matthieu Buchalski, Thierry Onillo

If Dali had been given a computer this is what he might have created. Is this the crazed inner visions of a mind exposed or a Clockwork Orange-like attempt to impose a different view on the mind's eye.

Runtime: 6:59
Year: 2007
Patrick Jenkins

From the maker of 'Zero Degree' comes this fascinating extension of the idea. A soldier trapped within borders he cannot readily identify, dangers he can only react to, a reality he cannot control or run from.

Runtime: 9:21
Year: 2007
Peter Kisantal

Giant ribbon bugs climb out of the gaps and begin a slithering, sliding takeover of the urban environment they have emerged from. A new order is not far away.

Runtime: 5:56
Year: 2007
Berni's Doll
Yann J

Berni is a lonely man - a very lonely man! By day he puts tops on cans, by night .... well, let's just say he doesn't have a girlfriend. Until he discovers the body doll. Yep, just a body. That starts out being enough but there's more to life than that.

Runtime: 0:00
Year: 2007
Elephants Dream
Bassam Kurdali

Proog and Emo are heading to the safest place in the machine, hidden behind uncanny traps so deadly that nothing can ever reach them.

Runtime: 10:28
Year: 2007
Jean-Julien Pous, Pierre Prinzbach

The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line. Everybody knows that - that's why everybody is running that same ol' straight line.

Runtime: 5:49
Year: 2007