Late Night Bizarre (2011)

Weird insect sex, a sordid experiment involving a spike and the tender nether-regions of a 'volunteer', whale induced insanity, poor hygiene, nuns gone bad, and a car that looks a bit like a ... well, you'll get the picture. AIAF's annual late night bizarre is back and as crazy as ever.

Featured in AIAF2011
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Arts And Crafts Spectacular
Sebastien Wolf, Ian Ritterskamp

A short, sharp, beautifully raucous debunking of everything you've ever heard about the countryside - and some of the gentle folk who live there.

Runtime: 1:12
Year: 2010
Hello Dad
Christoph Simon

Hello Dad, I'm in jail. Say hi to Mum, from jail. I like it here, I'm in jail. Hahahahahaha - ha.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 1:33
Year: 1987
Condensed Night
Laurie Proud

A scabrous display of the odd relationship between a window gimp, a pretty school girl and an oozing, giant beetle-thing.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 11:18
Year: 1999
Tomasz Cechowski

The professor has a theory. OK. To prove this theory he needs a spike and an ass. So, you take the spike and then you put it...

Runtime: 1:24
Year: 2009
Meat Or Die (Yans!Gans!!) Meat05: Linda
Tai Murayama

Some insane little jabberers (one with a bladder problem) try to bite off more than they can chew when they flip the shopping switch to 'brontosaurus'.

Runtime: 1:45
Year: 2010
Dukes Of Broxstonia: Wash Day
Suren Perera

Da Dukes is Back! And they're dirty - reekin' dirty! It's time to clean up their act and maybe burn some clothes.

Runtime: 0:45
Year: 2010
Python In Wonderland
Piotr Hoang Ngoc

A detailed psychedelic exploration of male nipples, special rabbits, Can-Can dancers' legs and boxing.

Runtime: 6:15
Year: 2010
Weenie Wagon Woe
Willy Ashworth

Spurt, our 'everyday-man' hero has one passion in his life - he was born to drive his weenie wagon.

Runtime: 3:28
Year: 2010
Weather Report
Olivia Taussig

A catalogue of nine headlines, illuminating apocalyptic undercurrents. Headlines become ironic expositions, highlighting fantastical variables and animals play.

United States
Runtime: 4:28
Year: 2010
Daniel Rowe

Travis is a dangerous, disturbed and disturbing young man on a mission.

United States
Runtime: 4:15
Year: 2010
Green Money Weed Connection: "Got Milk"
Logan Hugueny-Clark

Bunkfunk MC and Lil' Joint are practicin' what they're preachin'. And they're preachin' it pretty damn hard.

United States
Runtime: 1:24
Year: 2011
Nasty Habits: Bono
Layla Atkinson

When bad nuns go worse, not even Bono is sacred.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:17
Year: 2010
Lee Han Bit

The city at night can harbour some strange hybrid creatures who stride, crawl, fly and creep through the streets, propelled by odd desires and decaying memories.

South Korea
Runtime: 9:40
Year: 2010
Arthur Peltzer, Fabien Guillame, Jean-Baptiste Maligne, Jeremy Macedo, Julien Daubas, Paul Nivet, Ugo Bienvenu

Medical emergency meets sexual urgency in this crazed romp about CPR gone wrong.

Runtime: 2:46
Year: 2010
Mr Choco In Love
Petr Marek

Mr Choco may well be in love but he sure has a funny way of showing it.

Runtime: 5:46
Year: 2011
About A Cat
Daan Cools

Some cats are just hideous, conniving, murderous, soulless, pitiless little bastards.

Runtime: 4:16
Year: 2010