Animation Xcess (2013)

Every year we get more than 2,000 entries and - trust us - there is some REALLY wild stuff in there. Animation is the art form that really cuts loose, supercharges and celebrates some of the wildest imaginations on the planet. It is THE vehicle to visualise the most improbable notions, the most radical of creative transitions and to throw up on the screen the most over-the-top ideas. Late Night Bizarre is a great wharf to tie some of those boats up at but not every uber-animation fits that vibe. Enter "Animation Xcess", a home for the extreme idea, the impossible-to-describe plot and the bona fide bubbling-over-the-brim excess of imaginative animating juice.

Featured in AIAF2013
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Double Fikret
Haiyang Wang

Beyond description. A gorgeously crafted, magic carpet ride of apparently random surrealist imagery that would have tied Salvadore Dali's imagination up in knots.

Runtime: 3:27
Year: 2012
Allison Schulnik

One of the most intense examples of plasticine animation we've ever received. WAY beyond anything that could be described or storyboarded.

United States
Runtime: 4:20
Year: 2011
Left Nude
Peter Millard

A galloping cavalcade of full-speed, uber-morphing nudity.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 1:08
Year: 2012
Harapeko Museum
Ayasa Kugenuma

A mottled, psychedelic pastiche of high-speed naked salad munching, very naughty poses in giant ice cream sundae bowls and very odd goings-on amidst the fruit salad.

Runtime: 5:41
Year: 2012
Bullets For Breakfast
Mari Jaye Blanchard

A disturbing, eviscerating visual essay on the flesh tearing issue of body image.

United States
Runtime: 2:54
Year: 2012
Ho Geun Yoon

An explosive, savagely beautiful look at just how a dark revengeful angel - unleashed for all the right reasons - can consume and overpower its owner.

Runtime: 6:21
Year: 2012
Naked Love
Sara Koppel

The best kind. A beautifully graphic depiction of the simplest of the karma sutra artforms.

Runtime: 6:25
Year: 2011
Deep Awakening
Shizuka Miyazaki

11 outa 10 on the Bizarre-A-Meter. A weird little creature succumbs to a kind of animated decomposition before the entire scene is overrun by competing herds of teeth and wriggling thumbs.

Runtime: 3:05
Year: 2012
Einar Baldvin

An utterly demented, insanely constructed high-speed romp through a frenzied blizzard of constantly morphing images that have been dragged kicking and screaming from the animal depths.

United States
Runtime: 5:02
Year: 2012
I'm Fine Thanks
Eamonn O'Neill

Just coz you say it a hundred times doesn't make it so. Fine is very much in the eye of the beholder.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 4:30
Year: 2012
Grace Nayoon Rhee

Never, ever stick your finger into a hairy, squishy thing. Walking on broken glass isn't a very good idea either. All these things should be left to the experts.

South Korea
Runtime: 6:06
Year: 2012
Autistic Dissonance
Eric Bent

There's lotsa different ways to express yourself and here are a few of the nosier ones.

Runtime: 3:57
Year: 2013
Lonely Bones Lonely Bones

The best way to close out this exploration of the extreme. The latest dark masterpiece from the crown price of extreme, Rosto.

Runtime: 10:00
Year: 2013