Best of International Student Animation (2015)

A collection of the best new student animation from some of the best schools in the world. These films defy any notion of amateur status and showcase amazing competitive talent that demands attention and makes waves. And YOU get to vote for the Best of the Best. Your votes will choose the film named "Best Student Film" at MIAF in JUNE and everybody who completes a voting form goes in the draw to win a Full MIAF 15 Pass with the lucky winner announced on Sunday night.

Featured in AIAF2015
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
Yutaro Kubo

Ahhhhh coffee, there's frenzy and mayhem in every cup.

Runtime: 5:19
Year: 2014
The Divide
Brent Sievers

It's crazy out there on the roads, it doesn't matter where you are or how far you go.

United States
Runtime: 3:50
Year: 2014
Lynn Kim

The delicate balance between bull and bullfighter; between art and carnage.

United States
Runtime: 3:25
Year: 2014
In Vitro
Alexia Schmidt, Justine Laurent, Olivia de Thevenard, Leslie Murard, Idris Bodhy, Antonie Vienne, Hadrien Brissaud

The strange and uber-colourful, all dancing world of partying in-vitro micro-organisms.

Runtime: 6:46
Year: 2014
Jacky De Groen

Subtle tensions aplenty simmer beneath the surface as a group of friends gather for drinks to await the moment of eclipse.

Runtime: 3:49
Year: 2014
Dimitar Velev

Something's up with the birds - they're down. And the crowd wants to know why.

Runtime: 1:53
Year: 2014
Robin Quinquis

Harry knows he losing her but the picture on the coffee cup is the last straw. The end is nigh.

Runtime: 3:28
Year: 2014
Small People With Hats
Sarina Nihei

Got a problem with your small hatted people? Who ya gonna call?

United Kingdom
Runtime: 6:45
Year: 2014
Entre Chien Et Loup
Reza Amirriahi

The horrors of having to perform your duty against an enemy you recognise only too well.

Runtime: 4:05
Year: 2014
Jo Ara

What happens when the thoughts won't stop coming? The impulse to act takes over.

South Korea
Runtime: 6:10
Year: 2014
That's Not Supposed To Happen
Rory Kerr

Patch-Eye Cat and the Chicken Commander start messing with people's lives.

Runtime: 3:55
Year: 2013
What's Going On With Annie
Yin-Jia Hu, Meng-Xiong Cai

Messing with the mysterious vortex under the bed is probably not a good idea today.

Runtime: 6:55
Year: 2014
Nicolas Steiner

In a junk-world, every item on the table is the pathway to repair or a step into the unknown.

Runtime: 8:40
Year: 2014
Meike Muller

One hungry owl just can't seem to find an uninterrupted moment to swallow the mouse. And then...

Runtime: 2:14
Year: 2014
Jeroen Ceulebrouck

Huge, majestic, a symbol of strength, the oak is as big a part of nature as the storm itself.

Runtime: 6:30
Year: 2014