Vladimir Leschiov

AIAF Filmmaker

Electrician's Day

It all started with a power outage at a psychiatric clinic....

Runtime: 8:42
Year: 2018

Featured in AIAF2019 > International Program #2 (2019)
Waiting for The New Year

The passage of seasons is a simplest of all things but is lived differently by different people.

Runtime: 8:10
Year: 2016

Featured in AIAF2017 > International Program #2 (2017)
Villa Antropoff

This year's definitive example of 'post-narrative' filmmaking from two of Estonia's favourite filmmakers.

Runtime: 13:03
Year: 2012

Featured in AIAF2013 > International Program #1 (2013)
Wings And Oars

We loved this film so much, we bought our own copy just to make sure we could show it. A former pilot looks back over his life: the earth, the sky, the women - everything that took place on the journey from an airstrip to an abandoned boathouse.

Runtime: 5:37
Year: 2009

Featured in AIAF2010 > International Program #1 (2010)
Lost In Snow

One man's quiet day fishing through a hole in the ice is disrupted (to say the least) by the unannounced arrival of a cosmonaut.

Runtime: 7:30
Year: 2007

Featured in AIAF2007 > International Program #2 (2007)