This is where it all began... The International Student Animation Festival screened at the CSU Wagga Wagga campus on Wednesday May 22nd, 2002 at the Wal Fife Theatre (Main Lecturing Theatre). The International Student Animation Festival Tour (ISAF) featured 30 films from 8 countries - all made by students and first-time filmmakers on the very cutting edge of the art form. The films were the highlights of the Melbourne and Sydney International Student Animation Festival which was the second biggest festival of its kind in the world after the Student Animation Festival of Ottawa (SAFO). The films screened in two sessions, the best of the festival and the Computer Animation Panorama. In compiling MISAF, the organisers had been in touch with more than 400 universities and film and art schools all over the world. More than 1000 films were looked at in the lead-up to selecting the final program. The inevitable question was why a festival devoted entirely to student animation? The answer still holds true today; For a start, student animators are at the very leading edge of animation in terms of their ideas and often the technology they have at their disposal. But it's also very important to remember that the period spent studying and making a graduation film will often be among the most free and creative of an animator's career. We definitely wanted to capture the best of the very special films that come out of that environment. There are some truly amazing, entertaining and very fresh films out there. The films cover every imaginable subject and utilise a wide variety of techniques. Computers are an inevitable aspect of modern animation and there are plenty of films in MISAF that show what the next generation of animators are doing with state of the art hardware and software. However, there is no shortage of young animators out there who are still putting pen to paper, manipulating puppets and clay or even using highly unusual materials such as coloured sands to bring their creations to life.

Full Program

Wednesday, May 22, 2002
- Best of the Festival

A selection of the best international student animation in all forms of traditional media.

Films | Restricted (18+)
- Computer Animation Panorama

A selection of the best international student work in digital animation.

Films | Restricted (18+)