BLEND (2014)

BLENDING live-action characters into animated environments is one of the most interesting intersections at which a number of creative and technical pathways cross. Chosen from the 2,900 entries, this program showcases a diverse collection of responses to the BLEND challenge.

Featured in AIAF2014
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
Through You
Lucette Braune

A simple trip to the grocery store becomes an exercise in pushing through, morphing with and trying to unglue herself from everybody she encounters.

Runtime: 7:23
Year: 2012
De Terre Et d'Encre
Jonathan Laskar

Having molded his double in clay, the man watches as this new version goes about de-sculpting itself as a reaction to man who created it.

Runtime: 4:40
Year: 2013
High Wool
Moritz Mugler, Nikolai Maderthoner

Cleverly rendered in string, two cowboys face in the main street in the best way that cowboys know how.

Runtime: 2:22
Year: 2013
The End
Maxime Leduc, Martin Ruyant, Michel Samreth

The end - when it comes - is never simple or predicable, especially in the movies. A plethora of classic movie ends reanimated into a meta-narrative.

Runtime: 2:00
Year: 2012
Michiel Wesselius

A young man wanders, invisible, amongst his friends as they come to terms with his apparent death. Depicted entirely in a subtly captivating cut-up photo style.

Runtime: 8:00
Year: 2013
The Labyrinth
Mathieu Labaye

The mind is a labyrinth of pathways and corridors, each one reacting differently to being locked up and trapped.

Runtime: 9:23
Year: 2013
The Gate
Matt Westrup

Something has gone wrong. Medicines bought on-line have brought about distinctly unintended consequences and a mess has to be cleaned up. But what - exactly - is the real mess?

United Kingdom
Runtime: 11:42
Year: 2013
Heaven's Vanguard
Emil Goodman

Francis Blaise, the long retired jazz great from the peculiar man-made planet Caelestis, returns for one last concert at the luxuriously appointed venue Heaven's Vanguard. Not to be missed.

Runtime: 11:54
Year: 2012