Erick Oh

AIAF Filmmaker

How To Paint Your Rainbow

In the process of passing away, a man goes experiences a variety of surreal transformations that see him emerge as a rainbow.

United States
Runtime: 1:47
Year: 2018

Featured in AIAF2019 > SIGGRAPH Showcase (2019)

Oh yeah, it's eat or be eaten in this crazy, mixed up, hot dog dancing, flower picking, fish slapping, self cooking ol' world.

United States
Runtime: 6:34
Year: 2014

Featured in AIAF2015 > International Program #1 (2015)
How To Eat Your Apple

Apple eating as a Daliesque spectacular spectator spectacle.

South Korea
Runtime: 1:29
Year: 2011

Featured in AIAF2012 > International Program #1 (2012)