Kids Program

Definitely one of the must-see events of AIAF every year, a very special program of films specially selected to spark the imaginations of our most special audience. Animation, like childhood, can be just full of wonder with the biggest pleasures being the simplest ones. This program carefully chosen for our littlest and most special audience strips away all the soft-sell toy ads and the over-the-top blockbuster-style special effects and just delivers up a program of wonderful films full of simple joys. Loved by adults as well, this year's program is truly exceptional.

Featured in AIAF2013
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: General (all ages)
Monstersinfonie Monstersinfonie
Kiana Nagshineh
If you're brave and really show them who's the boss, your monsters can become a really great little orchestra.
Country: Germany
Runtime: 3:05
Year: 2012
Snap Snap
Thomas G. Murphy, Hilere
If you ever wanted to have the strongest tongue in the whole world, this film will show you how.
Country: Belgium
Runtime: 6:31
Year: 2012
Beethoven's Wig Beethoven's Wig
Denny Silverthorne
Beethoven's wig is very big, it's oh so big, it's full goo and hard to shampoo. It's very big.
Country: Canada
Runtime: 2:15
Year: 2012
Think Brilliance Think Brilliance
Diego Hernadez De La Rocha
A moment in the life of a light bulb that is trying so hard to be the best possible little light bulb it can be.
Country: Canada
Runtime: 0:58
Year: 2011
Coriandolo Coriandolo
Scuola Internazionale di Comics.
A town fill of happy blob people turn up at the beach to welcome the biggest, happiest blob-man of them all.
Country: Italy
Runtime: 4:24
Year: 2011
Dilerious Fables Dilerious Fables
Fabrice Luang-Vija
This little chicken sure knows how to handle her eggs. Even when she has to bounce on an elephant and chase a hungry snake.
Country: France
Runtime: 4:39
Year: 2012
Yum Yum Yummy Yum Yum Yummy
Gwendoline Gamboa
Yum Yum Yummy, there's fun in my tummy..... 100 different ways to play with your food
Country: Belgium
Runtime: 2:28
Year: 2012
Rough Rough
Venelin Veltchev
This hilarious little pig is having a really hard time trying to figure who he is and how he can get along with the other animals.
Country: Bulgaria
Runtime: 5:00
Year: 2012
The Monster The Monster
Toby Dixon
Some monsters aren't scary at all. Some monsters are just as scared as us and want to eat their porridge in peace and quiet.
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:29
Year: 2012
A Girl Named Elastika A Girl Named Elastika
Guillaume Blanchet
You are not gonna believe your eyes!!! A whole, way-cool movie made out of nothing but pins and rubber bands.
Country: Canada
Runtime: 3:30
Year: 2012
A La Francaise A La Francaise
Julien Hazebroucq, Emmanuelle Leleu, Morrigane Boyer, Ren Hsien Hsu, William Lorton
Imagine if chickens wore really fancy, old fashioned clothes, lived in castles and played croquet.
Country: France
Runtime: 6:52
Year: 2012
The Box Game The Box Game
Becky Steele
Big Sis is babysitting Kevin and figures out he's charging his friends 25c to climb into a very, very special box.
Country: United States
Runtime: 4:52
Year: 2011
The Fox And The Chickadee The Fox And The Chickadee
Evan DeRushie
A fairly grown up sort of fairytale about a hungry fox and a wily little bird who needs to get away.
Country: Canada
Runtime: 7:39
Year: 2012
Shave It Shave It
Fernando Maldonado, Jorge Tereso
Being a sharp dressed monkey doesn't cut it in the big city. It's size that really counts.
Country: Argentina
Runtime: 4:11
Year: 2012
The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mister Lawrence Lessmore The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mister Lawrence Lessmore
William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg
Pure magic. Books are full of wonderful stories, incredible characters and mysterious journeys. And when they can fly they're even better.
Country: United States
Runtime: 14:45
Year: 2011